The Sorama Portal enables you to fully analyze your product’s sound characteristics.

Easily share your measurements with your team all over the world or start analyzing measurements on your smartphone. Combine Sorama’s unique Sound Imaging Technology with expertise connected in the cloud.

Start with a dB-meter and work your way up through spectrum analysis and beam-forming until you master the potential of acoustic holography.


This new web-based platform enables parallel live streaming sound level meters, spectrum analyzers, waterfalls, far- and near-field sound imaging for all Sorama CAMs. It is also possible to use all streams and measurements while offline.

Sorama Portal Membership Pricing

The Sorama product-line of sound cameras and cloud measurement and analysis platform is available for you via a simple three step selection process:

  1. Select your device (i.e. Sorama CAM64 or  CAM1K).
  2. Activate a Sorama Portal membership (fit for your needs and credit buffer).
  3. Buy a Credit package (required for performing cloud Portal operations).

This three-step-deal enables you to perform best-in-class Sound Imaging measurements (both far- and near-field in one), automatically process and present sound images, store and manage projects online, measure in the field and easily analyse anywhere. Credits are valid as long as you have a valid and continuous Portal membership, while you have active credits you can operate the Sorama sound camera and Sorama Portal.

Contact us for more info on pricing, our package deals or custom set-ups. There is always a selection that fits your needs.