Package Deal: Cam64

Package Deal: Cam64

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Product / Service Description:

The Sorama CAM64 sound camera provides an easy to use platform that can be used by a large range of design, electrical and/or mechanical engineers.
This CAM64 basic membership pack contains:

  • The CAM64 hardware,

  • Twelve months basic membership of the Sorama Portal

  • 200.000 Credits

This offering is a CAM64 package deal with 1.547 EUR discount on the CAM64 hardware and 304 EUR discount on the Membership+Credits pack.
The token package can be used for training and (on-line) project support by Sorama experts.

Now follows an example of spending tokens:

  • Intro training CAM64/acoustics for 4 hours (3 tokens/hour per person), so 3 persons for 4 hours is 36 tokens.

  • This leaves 14 tokens for future (on-line) support an/or training. If you want more people to be present we can discuss a fixed token price.

  • The training/instruction will be organized via Skype-meeting.

  • It is also possible to follow a training/instruction in Eindhoven, in case you are planning to visit the Netherlands.


The Sorama CAM64 weighs 300 grams, measures a 16x16cm aperture with 64 MEMS microphones and an integrated HD camera. Connect via 1 gbit ethernet network connection on a (windows) laptop, tablet or PC.
In order to make use of the Sorama CAM64 an active membership for and connection to the Sorama Portal is required:

  • The membership will give you access to the Portal software of Sorama and will store credits and tokens.

  • Credits are needed to execute measurements and perform analyses via the Portal.

  • Tokens are needed to hire Sorama acoustical experts.

  • Credits and tokens stay valid as long as you have an active and uninterrupted Portal membership.