The ScanA is an Automatic motion device combined with a CAM64 Acoustic Camera. The ScanA motion device enables you to measure stationary sound sources with very precise resolution. It enables you to, for example, pinpoint which part on your printed circuit board (PCB) is generating noise.

The ScanA is designed to visualize stationary sound in Near Field mode with a precision up to 1 mm, but it can also measure larger sound sources up to almost 1 x 1 m. The spacing between the sensors on the microphone array of the CAM64 Acoustic Camera is 20 mm. With the ScanA you can combine multiple measurements to create a resolution of 1 mm.

Main specifications:

  • Near-Field Sound Imaging

  • Visualize dynamic behavior of the acoustic pressure, velocity & intensity

  • Near-Field frequency range: 20 Hz - 23.400 Hz

  • High-resolution of 1mm



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Why a Sorama ScanA?

  • Easily visualise stationary sound to solve acoustic problems
  • Near-Field sound imaging
  • Easy-to-use online (& offline) accessable analyis software
  • Many analysis tools: Beamforming, acoustic holography and much more
  • Support helpdesk by e-mail, phone & TeamViewer/Skype