You can use our hardware in combination with a yearly membership, a Credit Package and a Token Package used for training/consultancy.

Please see more information below.

Package Deal Calculator


Acoustic Camera

The price of the Acoustic Camera includes a flightcase and all other attributes needed to connect the Camera to your pc or laptop.


A membership will give you access to the Sorama Portal.

Credit Package

Credits will give you the possibility to make use of the in-dept analysis section in the Sorama Portal. On average, customers will use 100.000 credits/year.

No credits are needed, when you're using the Live Stream section of our software. The Live Stream section is mostly used to validate the measurement setup before doing in-depth measurements and analysis, but it can already give you insights in the acoustic behavior of your product or sound source.

If needed, you can do in-depth analysis. This is when credits are being charged. After you've done a measurement, you can start analyzing into great detail. Currently our Analysis Portal supports the following analysis options:

  • Time Analysis

  • Spectral Analysis

  • Spectrogram Analysis

  • Far Field Analysis

  • Near Field Analysis

We only charge credits for the first 8 analysis actions. All analysis done on a measurement after 8 analysis actions, is free of charge.

The price of the credits is based on the type of Membership and the size of the selectedCredit Package. Of course, the more credits you choose to buy at once, the less the credits will cost.

The average number of credits being used on analysis in a year for CAM64 customers is 100.000 and for CAM1K customers is 750.000.

Token Package

Tokens are used for training or consultancy advise. The training/consultancy advise can be organized in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), via Teamviewer or Skype or on location.