Reduce noise and vibrations in machines and workstations


I.C.E. Generator unit


Sander Landkroon, ICE: "Looking at the sound images of our generator was a complete eye-opener. We could immediately see the different sources and knew where and how to improve. After the analysis of Sorama we can modify the three main contributors without needing more money for production. On the inside of the air grills, a 40 cm absorption package is fitted. The images show that this is an overkill on which we can reduce costs."

93 and 2000 Hz

93 and 2000 Hz

low noise generator


One of the most important characteristics of the generator from Whisperpower is the low noise emission. To gain further insights on their designs and possibilities to further improve, we analyzed a mobile generator. From the analysis it could be found that no high amounts of leakages were present. The covers showed the highest levels of vibrations, excited by the engine itself. Decoupling the engine furthermore was found essential to gain an even better sound performance.


Production machinery

ITM Group

The primary sources of noise of the production machinery have been indentified. Now the customer knows which parts of the machine requires his attention first.

Ben van der Horst, ITM Group: "We are very pleased with the results that Sorama has provided us. We now know the primary subjects that require attention with respect to sound radiation. In the future we will use this knowledge in order to provide quieter products for our customers."

83 Hz

83 Hz