Sound design and noise reduction have proven to be very important for the development of consumer products. We often find internal components like fans to produce annoying noise. It has even been studied that prolonged exposure to sound pollution is potentially harmful to humans (World Health Organization).




We have supported the R&D team of GIANT with respect to improving the sound design of silent e-bikes. The market growth is amazing and a growing number of people are using e-bikes for travelling to work. In addition, e-bikes are increasingly being used for making biking trips in rural areas or in the countryside. In every circumstance it is very important that bikers do not get distracted or annoyed by a noisy e-bike.

Sorama performed measurements at GIANT e-bikes in Lelystad, the Netherlands, and provided a detailed analysis of the data measurement with both the Sorama CAM1K and the CAM64. Consequently, during an image and video presentation a number of clear cut recommendations were offered on how to improve the dynamic behavior of GIANT e-bikes regarding vibrations and sound.

After the recommendations were implemented, the sound behavior of GIANT e-bikes was drastically improved. GIANT: “This has already increased our customers’ satisfaction.”

Sorama products used: Sorama CAM64, Sorama CAM1K & Sorama Portal.


Silent beds

Royal Auping

Auping has worked for 130 years on solutions in the area of sleep and the power of rest. Our shared conviction: a well-rested world is a better world. A good bed base is extremely important because it ensures a good night sleep. 
Auping pays attention to all relevant product details in order to maximize their customers sleeping experience. One of these is preventing noise generated by the bed construction.

Therefore, by investing in Sorama products they were able to analyze in detail what happens with the bed construction when it is in use. The resulting visualization of noise has given them knowledge and insight resulting in silent beds, bed surrounds and furniture. Not only when it’s brand new, but during the complete lifetime of Auping products as well. 

Sorama products used: Sorama CAM64 & Sorama Portal.


PC desktops & monitors

Cooler Master

By using Sorama’s sound cameras, Cooler Master has developed quieter PC desktops and monitors. As a result of our sound visualization, Cooler Master obtained unprecedented insights into sound and vibration of their products. This allowed them to further improve and validate their design.

Sorama products used: Sorama CAM64, Sorama CAM1K & Sorama Portal.

The video below makes use of an out-dated version of the Sorama Portal software. However, the visualization remains accurate.

Electric screw driller


A commercially available screw driller makes noise caused by the electric power source induced vibrations. With the Sorama Scan A a first analysis of a free rotating screw driller was performed in an office environment. This means these results were not obtained in an anechoic chamber, but in an open space office.