The Sorama CAM64 is the first affordable multi-channel sound measurement instrument. Its 64 microphone channels deliver an unrivalled spatial accuracy.

In addition, the CAM64 is the easy-to-use sound measurement system that converts noise and vibration data into easy-to-interpret visual information. Without any need for academic acoustic support.

Main specifications:

  • Digital MEMS microphone array with 64 channels and 16x16cm area

  • 1 Power over Ethernet cable (15m included, max length 100m)

  • 1 PoE injector with 230 V power adaptor

  • 1 integrated HD video camera

  • Near- and far-field sound imaging ready

  • Near-field frequency range: 1Hz - 20kHz

  • Far-field frequency range: 300Hz-20kHz with optimal conditions at 1.2kHz - 15kHz

For more information about the specifications of the CAM64, see the spec sheet.


Package Deal Calculator

The Package Deal is everything you need to start using the acoustic camera and analysis software.

It includes:

Price is without shipping costs.


The price of the Acoustic Camera includes a flightcase and all other attributes needed to connect the Acoustic Camera to your pc or laptop.


A membership will give you access to the Sorama Portal.


Credits will give you the possibility to make use of the in-dept analysis section in the Sorama Portal.

When you're using the Live Stream section of the Portaln no credits are needed. The Live Stream section is mostly used to validate a measurement setup before doing in-depth measurements and analysis.

Maximum credit costs per measurement

Only the first 8 analysis actions will cost some credits. All analysis done on a measurement after 8 analysis actions, is free of charge.

Currently our Analysis Portal supports the following analysis options:

  • Time Analysis

  • Spectral Analysis

  • Spectrogram Analysis

  • Far Field Analysis

  • Near Field Analysis


Tokens are used for training or consultancy advise. The training/consultancy advise can be organized in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), via Teamviewer/Skype or on location.