The Sorama CAM64 is the first affordable multi-channel sound measurement instrument. Its 64 microphone channels deliver an unrivalled spatial accuracy.

In addition, the CAM64 is the easy-to-use sound measurement system that converts noise and vibration data into easy-to-interpret visual information. Without any need for academic acoustic support.

Main specifications:

  • Digital MEMS microphone array with 64 channels and 16x16cm area

  • 1 Power over Ethernet cable (15m included, max length 100m)

  • 1 PoE injector with 230 V power adaptor

  • 1 integrated HD video camera

  • Near- and far-field sound imaging ready

  • Near-field frequency range: 1Hz - 20kHz

  • Far-field frequency range: 300Hz-20kHz with optimal conditions at 1.2kHz - 15kHz

For more information about the specifications of the CAM64, see the spec sheet.


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Why a Sorama Acoustic Camera?

  • Easily visualise sound to solve acoustic sound problems
  • Near- and Far-Field sound imaging
  • Easy-to-use online accessable analyis software
  • Many analysis tools: Beamforming, acoustic holography and much more
  • Support helpdesk by e-mail, phone & TeamViewer