Caddy diesel


Using our Sorama technology it is easy to make a sound image of a Volkswagen Caddy diesel engine. Among other effects, low-frequency engine noise at high spatial resolution and noise leakage through door seals, can be found. The movie below shows a selection of these results. What is most striking is the spatial detail at a frequency of 29 Hz, which is only a few centimeters, where the acoustic wave-length is about 12 meters.


Technical University of Eindhoven

Electric vehicles take advantage of the fact that its electric engine is silent. However, without the (masking) noise of a combustion engine other previously unheard noise sources start to dominate. From the Sorama sound imaging pictures two components become apparent: the electrical driver of the led lighting (left) and the water pump (right). Consequently, an analysis which zooms in on these two components provides us with a chance to eliminate these noise sources.  

Sound detection of a car engine.



We analyzed the emitted sound from a fire truck during high pressure pump use. By use of a line array we imaged the complete truck, which resulted in the visualization of two major noise sources: the gearbox PTO and the high pressure pump. We decoupled several panels and screened the pump and PTO modules, which in the end led to large improvements to the sound emitted by the firetruck.

Sound analysis of a firetruck



We analyzed an unfamiliar whistle noise in a newly developed gearbox. The spectral analysis in combination with the sound imaging results indicated that the noise was caused by the tooth passing frequency under load. In a redesign process this was tackled by shifting to helical gears.