Next to styling, sound design and noise reduction are taking an increasingly important role in the development of products. Components like fans often produce annoying noise, also - according to a study of the WHO (World Health Organization) - the consequence of prolonged exposure to sound pollution is potentially harmful to humans.

Cooler Master chooses to make their products even quieter by working with Sorama’s sound camera, a kind of thermal camera for sound. Sorama's solutions provide unmatched precision, ease of use and accessibility. As a result, Cooler Master obtains unprecedented insights into sound and vibration characteristics of their products, allowing them to further improve and validate their designs.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands -- Cooler Master, a renowned developer of cases, power supplies, cooling and peripherals for computers, has entered into a partnership with the Dutch company Sorama to make their products even quieter. In this collaboration the unique Sorama Sound Imaging technology is used, resulting in new insights in the sound design of their products.

Electric screw driller

A commercially available screw driller makes noise caused by the electric power source induced vibrations. With the Sorama Scan M a first analysis of a free rotating screw driller was performed in an office environment. This means these results were not obtained in an anechoic chamber, but in an open space office.