Make sound insightful.


Acoustic source detection

With the patented sound camera, anyone can visualise noise-sources.
The device have an accuracy up to half a millimetre (!) and provide a backgound picture with a visual sound-overlay.
You immediately get visual recognition of the sound-source and behaviour in one image.

These sound-images, combined with our expertise in mechanical engineering and dynamics, enable any user to find noise sources faster than with any other available techniques.

Our customers visualise noise sources, from large buildings to minuscule vibrations on printed circuits boards!
After finding a noise source, our software-portal lets you visualise transfer paths and do analysis.
These insights lead straight to solutions to eliminate the noise-source most effectively.

As an example we like to refer to a project we did with Giant. See how the 1024 microphones of the CAM 1K listen to the e-bike noise and compare the amount of resonance after modifications V1 and V2.
As you can see, the Sorama-team will gladly assist you in analysis, advise and training!

Product noise control

To get started in measurement and anaylsis of noise and vibration we offer two trajectories.
Depending on the urgency, complexity and recurrence of the problem, it may be wise to hire us as a consultant, or to become a community-member and get your own sound-camera.

You can hire Sorama for a full sound imaging analysis.
We’ll bring all the right tools and brains to analyse your product or conduct a complete product noise improvement process.

Become an expert yourself:
For companies that regularly want to invest noise and vibration, we offer a starting kit which quickly brings you up to speed.
You’ll be an expert in no-time and have the ability to measure and analyse like a pro.

Why? -> More than 90% of the cases apply to reduce unwanted noise.
In most cases, the goal is to improve a customers’ perception of a device or machine.
Complying to regulations is a secondary reason for companies to obtain insights in sound performance.

In a short time-span and within an iterative process of design changes, multiple sound measurements provide insight in the sound-performance of your subject.

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Our Team


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Mission Statement

Make it quiet.

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Sorama intends to be the best company in the world for identifying and reducing unwanted noise in products and surroundings. This way Sorama will add to the quality of life for people wherever they are: at their work, at home or in traffic.


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