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Low frequent noise problem in an apartment


By using the Sound Imaging technique, the source of a low frequent noise was found in a renovated apartment complex. The inner walls were scanned and the results showed that vibrations in the inner walls were responsible for the high amounts of sound pressure in between 20-40 Hz. The ventilation system excited the walls because of a little unbalance in the fan wheel. By decoupling the ventilation system from the inner walls, a improvement of 25-30 dB(A) was realized.

SIT & Sorama develop a silent boiler

In 2011 the Italian company SIT and Sorama joined their forces to develop solutions for a new silent boiler in which SunFlower, a new innovative SIT Integrated Combustion System, is applied.
By analyzing this compact boiler with the Sorama Sound Imaging technique, a quick learning curve provided worthy information regarding possible noise reduction measures. These new insights on the dynamic behavior of the boiler system helped to reduce the overall appliance noise of about 5 dB(A).