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Sorama offers unique high-resolution sound cameras and noise and vibration control services. Through this offering Sorama assists product developers and engineers to reduce and optimise the sound level of their products in order to meet regulatory requirements and differentiate their product offering from the competition.

To fulfil those needs, Sorama uses a patented technology to visualise the sound field around and vibrations on manufacturers products. Two new products in our assortment of sound cameras: Sorama CAM64 and Sorama CAM1K.

Application areas vary from electronics to ships, heating and ventilation systems to automotive, high-precision mechatronic systems to consumer electronics and Smart City concepts.With respect to Smart City we supply CAM listener systems that hear what is going on in the public domain. In order to immediately detect loud vehicles, aggressive people, breaking glass and other sound disturbances.

Appliance driller heatmap sound


“We have developed a camera that is equipped with 1024 tiny microphones. Using the camera, we can scan a product. This reveals with great precision the part of the product that is producing sound. It might be a small motor, but could just as easily be casing that is vibrating. A manufacturer can use this information to make the product quieter.”

Sorama Consultancy


For our customers we have visualised noise sources in large buildings and minuscule vibrations on printed circuits boards. In addition to finding noise sources we can also visualise transfer paths and give advise on how to eliminate a noise source most effectively.

Sorama Infographic Smart City Outdoor fight


Sorama comes in with its newly developed Smart City Listener solution, which is based on one or more integrated sound cameras observing the streets and businesses in Strijp-S for aggression, car alarms, breaking glass, gunshots/explosions and high noise levels (from traffic).

Ton van Oort Rick Scholte Sorama Maintenance


Together with multiple departments of the Dutch Police, Sorama has started a project to scan buildings for cannabis cultivation by just walking through the street.






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