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Hospital ventilation, patient monitoring, heating, comfort zones. These are all topics that require knowledge of acoustics and possible reduction of noise. Sorama performs research on these topics with university partners. However, our noise control service can also help improve and solve current problems in hospitals and clinics.

Breathing Aid: Dolphys

Dolphys Medical develops an innovative breathing aid for use in for instance ambulances. After prototyping, an unwanted sharp tone was noticeable in one out of five devices. Sorama performed measurements to analyze the behavior and to understand the mechanism behind the sharp tone. After the first couple of sound imaging measurements, with a resolution of 4 mm, the position of the obstruction in the air channel was located.

Small clots of glue were in the high speed air channel which caused the whistle. After changing the production method to a level where no obstacles were inside the air channels, a large improvement on fall out was obtained